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November 22, 2020
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Uses for Portable Carports

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In 1999 I was introduced to portable carports and experienced using one for myself. I had just purchased my first RV and needed a place to store it. I considered having a contractor build a building for me to store it in, but that seemed expensive and a big waste of money. I had a friend who had bought a portable unit for his RV and highly recommended I do the same. I have never regretted it. I spent around $2K and bought a Jewett-Cameron shelter. It is a dome shaped carport that is really well made. Most of the ones they offer are the same width, 12.6' high x 12' wide. They make shelters ranging from 32' to 44' long. I got the 40' model for my needs and it was perfect.

The big reason I opted for the one I did is because I felt that it had the features I really wanted. Being able to zip close the door and have solid ends was important to me. It came with a three piece configuration so was easy to put together and maintain. The reason I wanted it in the first place was to protect the RV from both dirt and dust as well as the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun. The covering on this one is waterproof, and is UV protected. I also liked the commercial grade steel frame and connections. This assembled quickly and looked great.

Another use for portable carports that makes a lot of sense is to store an extra car, 4x4, or other motor sport vehicle. You can get enclosed domed storage in different dimensions. The King Canopy dome garage is 10x20x8 and costs about $700 bucks. Perfect for securing that extra car without having to build a stick-built building.

Yesterday as I was driving along I noticed several times that people had set up portable carports to use as produce stands. Perfect. They gave the people and the produce some protection from the direct sun and looked great doing it. These are actually more like canopies, but with the included walls, made a really nice useable structure that can be used, and then moved when needed. I stopped and bought a few onions, some apples, and a watermelon. Yum!

Next weekend when we go to our local farmer's market, I am pretty confident that I am going to see portable carports set up for all sorts of reasons. Being able to use them as booths for markets, flea markets, fairs, and the like, is a great idea. People like to define their spaces and make a place where they feel like their things are secure and protected. Portable carports do just that.

Regardless of why you think you may want to use a carport, just know that there is a wide range of sizes and prices for you to navigate your way through on your search to the right unit for you. You can do it. Just determine why you need one, do the necessary homework, and then go for it. Once you have it bought and set up you will be glad you did. They are great!


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