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August 11, 2020
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Exploring the Wide Choice of Garage Floor Tiles

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When seeking to protect the floor of your garage there are a number of approaches that can be taken, but perhaps the best and most versatile is to get some garage floor tiles that suit your particular circumstances.

These come in a number of different styles, colors and sizes and give you the opportunity to not only clean up the floor of your garage by covering it over, but also to give a certain amount of spring support to cars and other motor vehicles that you may choose to rest on it.

Size wise you have a number of options when choosing between different garage tiles, and to a certain extent the ones that you choose will depend on the size of your garage.

If you have a larger garage then it may be better to go for 24 x 24 inch garage floor interlocking tiles which can be easily laid, and which can be fitted by you without the need for an expert fitter.

Whilst if you have a smaller adjoining garage then tiles that are 12 x 12 inches may be better as these more closely approximate the size of tiles that many people have in their kitchens. This is important because it is quite common for there to be a connecting door between the kitchen or utility room and the garage, and so having the same size of floor tiles means that there is a much more seamless blend between the two.

Cost wise you will find that garage floor tiles are good value for the length and type of protection that they provide, but the initial costs to purchase the tiles and then the time that they take to install can be off-putting for some buyers. Nevertheless, you should consider that interlocking floor tiles (and indeed glued garage floor tiles) are designed to take a lot of punishment, because they will often be found on the floors of commercial garages, and so need to be strong.

For this reason most garage tiles that you can buy will easily last ten or more years, and so there will generally be no need at any stage to renew them. So seen over that kind of timespan the initial investment in the tiles can be much more taken in context.

You will also find that the types of floor tiles that you can buy has expanded greatly over the years, and so you will be able to locate tiles that are made of rigid plastic, tiles that are made of wood blends and tiles that are particularly designed for flexibility.

These flexible tiles can be particularly useful for garage environments where the load is a little less than average, so truck or bus garages for example would not be a good fit, as the plastic is not as strong. However, for a normal garage holding a normal car, you will find that all types of garage floor tiles will work just fine to give your car stability and protect your garage floor.


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