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May 11, 2020
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Classic Motorcycle Boots Promote Safety Over Fashion

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In our fashion conscience world we often forget that some of the items that have become so popular for making a particular fashion statement were actually created first with a very specific function in mind, and classic motorcycle boots are no exception to this rule. As much as classic motorcycle boots are seen as a common part of the "uniform" for many Goth aficionados, it is always best to remember that they were originally designed for the motorcyclist that may, under the most severe conditions, have to put their feet down on the pavement while going 50 miles an hour! No serious biker wants to consider doing this in a pair of tennis shoes, and many cringe when they see others riding motorcycles without wearing the proper protective clothing.

While coming in a number of different styles, there are two predominate styles offered in motorcycle boots: classic motorcycle boots and riding style motorcycle boots.

Classic motorcycle boots

Sturdy, heavy soled, with ankle harness supports; traditional boot styles that are worn under the legs of your pants are the dominate style worn by most serious recreational bikers. These boots are not pretty, nor are they meant to be. These boots are designed to afford the highest levels of foot protection possible (many are even steel toed for extra safety). Design for two purposes, safety and protection from the elements, these are as important to the motorcyclist as a good set of horseshoes is to a horse.

Simply put, try riding a hundred miles in the rain in a pair of tennis shoes as compared to a good pair of classic motorcycle boots and see how well your feet hold up to the elements. Those that take their riding seriously take their equipment seriously as well. And as for the worst case scenario, an event that may require that you lay the bike down to avert disaster, boots will further protect your feet from pavement abrasions whereas tennis shoes will simply be torn to ribbons.

Riding style motorcycle boots

Less popular with recreational riders, but more popular with off-road bikers, is the calf-high riding style motorcycle boots. Designed specifically to deflect and protect against brush, low lying branches, and the like while riding through rough terrain, these boots are designed to protect the lower exposed legs of the rider. Much like horse riding boots have the purpose of protecting the calf from being caught by branches while riding through the brush, these boots are worth their weight in gold for anyone that is serious about doing any off-road bike riding.

Designed with safety and protection from the elements in mind, classic motorcycle boots, just like their counterparts- high quality leather motorcycle jackets, are not above others taking these items for making a fashion statement. There are those that wear motorcycle boots that have never touched a motorcycle let alone taken a ride on one. There are those that ride motorcycles that don't take safety and comfort seriously. And then there are those that are serious riders that do both and they make sure that they ride in comfort and in safety by picking up a quality pair of classic motorcycle boots.


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